Vibis Ajax Mail Subscription is a new extension, inspired by ODS Ajax Mail subscription, and working basically like that one in TYPO3 version 9 LTS (and 8 LTS as well). Functions include:

  • e-mail opt in, or not;
  • unsubscribe functions and link;
  • pop up after seconds on any page in the website;
  • subscribe to tt_address;
  • use directmail recipient lists and categories;
  • should be usable to unsubscribe after subscribing with other extensions (not well tested yet);
  • and more, of course!

You can use it without any trouble if you know your share of TYPO3. It needs some more testing, so please forgive me if you feel you've wasted your time (believe me, I know how that feels).

More information will follow on a short notice, in February 2019. This goes for:

  • documentation;
  • updates;
  • roadmap/to do;
  • changelog.

For now, please mail bugs, suggestions and such to .

Thanks for using our service!